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Audio Software Links

CoolEdit Homepage (Syntrillium)

Sound Forge Homepage

True Speech Software Download Page (DSP Group, Inc.)

DSP's Developing TrueSpeech Web Page Content Page

RealAudio Software Download Page

RealAudio and RealVideo Encoding Tools

*How to stream RealAudio Files from your website for free (did you KNOW it's SUPPOSED to be free???)*

Microsoft NetShow - Player Download

SoundApp Home Page

Download WinAmp

MacAmp -- MPEG3 for the Macintosh

The Definitive MP3 Benchmark (Definative MP3/Wav Resource)

Denial MP3 Player Home Page (Freeware mp3 encoder - file installs mp3 ACM wav codec found in NetShow)

Opticom mp3 wav encoder & decoder)

Microsoft DirectX Welcome

Audioactive Streaming Audio Player Page

SoundApp 2.4.2 FAT

MacWorld's Sound Utilities for Macs

Fraunhofers MP3 Player & Encoder Software

WinPlay3 - Audio Player for compressed bitstreams using ISO/MPEG Audio Layer3

GoldWave Digital Audio Editor

Multiquence(TM) Multitrack Editor

Other Audio Software

QUACK Download Page

MAKING WAVES - Digital Audio Sample Sequencer

MAKING WAVES - Useful links for Samples and Utilities

SubSynth Windows Synthesiser

WAVmaker's Home Page

MidiFX&Score Sketchpad


Macromedia: Shockwave Download Center

Shockwave Audio Streaming and Compression

Shockwave - Additional Software

Macromedia - Shockwave Vanguard

ToolVox Freeware Streaming Audio Player & Encoder for Windows

Hertz Technologies Inc. WWW Home Page.

Xing Technology Corporation

Internet Streaming Audio Publisher and DirectAudio Streaming Player (Windows only)


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