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BullDada: BadMusick & "Novelty" Songs

Download Selection Ali_.wav

Cardinal Synapsis gives us the psychodramatic treat - Mohammed Ali lets us all have it, right in the teeth, in a manner William Shatner would have been proud of.

Download Selection staggerali.wav

Mohammed declares Jihad against tooth decay and his infidel minion hordes.

Download Selection ali_finale.mp3

Ali finishes us, and the above, off in his own inimitable...something.

Download Selection batmanchopen.wav

The Batman Theme, as butchered by Sam Chopen. One of the best GoodBad cover tunes of all time!

RealAudio Version.

Download Selection Born_To_Be_Wild.wav

The Steppenwolf classic as done up by Chickenhawk.

TrueSpeech version.

Download Selection headoff.wav

"Cut My Own Head Off" by John Bartles. As aired on my good friend & AviTar Ivan Stang's Hour of Slack syndicated radio show. So unique, no BullDada collection should be without it.

RealAudio Version.

Download Selection Herve_Villechaize.wav

The long overdue tribute to the unfortunate French midget on "Fantasy Island" is here at last rendered by the great Pope Phred & $aint &dreux of the almightily revered Jehova Hates Phred.

$ Purchase |

RealAudio Version.

Download Selection Hirisaki_mp3.wav

That masterful, magickal hoodo of Huge Voodoo, "Hirasaki". Praise one of the greatest (and nicest) SubMutants of all time, DeeKay Jones, who done coauthored this jewel!!!

Download Selection HereASake.wav

A PyschMesmerRation of Rev. Eyre Rend which occurred as soon as he got done puttin' his editin' mojo on the above -- it ascended from the depths, raped itself into his dreams, thoroughly & completely traumatized him & then actually transmographied itself into this wav!

Download Selection hojisanf.wav

Shoukicki Kina's "Haisai Ojisan" ("Hey Man!") - Okinawa's answer to the "Eight Miles High" days of 1966. Any rumors that Jimi Hendrix is playing lead Kyoto are totally false and originate nowhere but here.

TrueSpeech version.

Download Selection hotvudu.wav

Marlene Dietrich sings "Hot Voodoo" in Josef von Sternberg's 1932 film "Blonde Venus", digitized & submitted by K. P. Kaligari.

Download Selection HSBand.ra

An anonymized SubGenius manufactured this RealAudio of the scariest high school band you've ever heard.

Download Selection Kill_The_White_People.wav

"Tyrone Green" appears on Saturday Night Live with his Reggae band.

RealAudio Version.

Download Selection linda1.wav

I'm sure you heard about it - here it is -- Linda McCartney singing backup vocals to "Hey Jude". In this part, she butchers [ : ) ] the middle eight. Oh, the pain, the pain.

Download Selection linda2.wav

Oh, the pain continues, the pain continues, the pain continues, Hey Jude!

Download Selection loudjazz_TS.wav

SubGenius Pope Lou Duchez armpit-flatulated this wonderment in TrueSpeech format, in counterpoint harmony no less. Satchmo, Dizzy & Charlie refused to play on it cuz they were all too busy holding their breath. You can tell it's authentic too - sound files aren't as tinny in the modern era.

Download Selection menomen.wav

"Men Among Men" by Gary Keillor. Yes, it DOES take a manly man to club the baby Harp Seal! A Church of the SubGenius favorite.

RealAudio Version.

Download Selection The_Mouse.wav

The (in)famous, loveable song by Soupy Sales from his 1960's New York City "kid" show.

RealAudio Version.

Download Selection Rockinretard.mp3

A present from the world-infamous bop star Hemorrhoy Rogers of (you know!) Big Poo Generator, The Gland Puppies & Abe Lincoln and the Stincolns. This mutant man is TRULY a SubGENIUS SAINT!!!

Download Selection sisinono.wav

The first ten bars of Machito's "Si Si, No No". Guess what we're talking about.

Download Selection solfeggio.wav

The "mi-so-la" or "Song of the Nairobi Trio" ditty popularized on "The Ernie Kovacs Show" as the background music for his famous 3 piece ape ensemble skit.

Download Selection Stairway_to_Gilligan.wav

The infamous "Stairway to Gilligan", being Little Roger and the Goosebumps' confusion of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" with the theme to "Gilligan's Isle". You've been warned!

Download Selection The_Tennessee_Warts.wav

A post-occupation Japanese rendition. In all of music history, it rarely gets as delightfully bad as this.

RealAudio Version.

Download Selection youso&so.wav

Another submission from K. P. Kaligari, also from "Blonde Venus", Marlene Dietrich sings "You So And So".

All sound files digitized or edited by J. C. Kaelin, Jr. 1995-1998.

© 1996-2014, J. C. Kaelin, Jr.. All Rights Reserved.

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