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Martin & Lewis Hell

*Especially* if you don't like Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, you'll love this. It's Dean & Jerry trying to make it through a radio ad for their movie "The Caddy". *You've never heard them like this before!*

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Martin & Lewis do their first take without mistakes. Then they get "real", which explains all that follows...

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"The Caddy" take two, with extra lines ad-libbed on what it'll make you do & what should be edited from that statement.

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Take three. Starts off OK, then Jerry loses it.

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Take four & Dean gets "rightuous".

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Take five & final. Demonstrates what some folks have to do to get lunch.

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Jerry Lewis Ethel Mermanizes this take-after-take rendition of the famous Al Jolson tune. From Patrick X.

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Lewis Al Jolsonizes this song entitled with a plea we wish we could say "no" to. Also from Patrick X.

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