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Ed Jones' Wave Themes Home Page
Ed is in many ways the unsung hero of Themes on the Web, for which so many, myself included, owe a real & continuing debt. He gave Pat Kenny his start, giving him his own Theme Songs gratis to start him off & to give a good home to his own Theme Song sound files. He's also responsible for encouraging me into my chosen vocation of Theme digitation & conversion. In addition to his Themes Page, he also maintains the only Laugh-In Page on the web (& thank goodness for it!)

Hunter Elliott's Daily .WAV Page
Hunter's succeeded in bringing to the internet an original & unique concept in sounds archiving - he provides a daily offering of sounds requested by his visitors, and presents then in a manner reminiscent of newspaper journalism. He's earned many awards for his efforts, yet is continually adapting & improving on the content & appearance of his pages (as though that were neccessary!). He is also responsible for the graphics used by the Sound Ring, which graphics appear on the ES1 Homepage. If you've been looking hi & lo for a particularly hard-to-find wav, then you must give Hunter a visit - if it isn't already at his site, he will hunt it down for you if it's anwhere to be had on the net. Simply put, Hunter & his site both are true gems.

Wesley Joost & Jon Randall's free-form radio show. RealAudio encoded by EarthStation1.com!

The Movie Sounds Page

Johnny V's Music and Sound Extravaganza (EXTENSIVE Sounds Links!)

Yosemite Sam's INSULTING WAVES Page

Skiff Bailey's Sound Page (rare 70's National Lampoon wavs too!)

Taz's HomePage

Mea Maxima Culpa Musical Links (Extensive!)

Our Gang / The Little Rascals!

The Golden Age of Radio

Jonah Weiland's Comic Book TV Themes

Dave's Un-Official Super Chicken Home Page

Daryl Miyaguchi's MPEG Layer 3 Sounds & Help Page

SCTV: Second City television

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). A database of more than 120,000 movies

The Nostalgic Wave: The Search for the Time Tunnel

Internet Movie Database. Search Forms

Sunet's Huge Directory of /pub/pictures

Sound Collection in Korea

David Gerstein's Classic Felix the Cat Page


Casablanca Sounds

Index of /pub/multimedia/sun-sounds/

Index of /pub/multimedia/sun-sounds/monty_python/

Index of /pub/multimedia/pc-sounds/

Index of /pub/multimedia/pictures/

Little Rascals Media!

The Saint on TV

Doug's Pyro Page

Weird Audio!



XITRAM!, America's favorite drunken leprechauns.

RzWeb: A Guide to the Works of The Residents

Captain Beefhart Homepage

Combustible Edison

Sub Pop Records Online

Welcome to Jack Van Impe Ministries International

Michael E. Enlow - Home Page

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