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"Sheik" Broadcast

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Since Rev. Ivan Stang of the SubGenius Foundation provides us with an intro to this INCREDIBLE MOMENT IN BROADCASTING HISTORY at the beginning of this audio file, I'll just give you the skinny...the SubGenius Minister known only as "THE SHEIK" appeared on SubGenius Minister Pastor Craig's Philadelphia radio show on the night The Sheik's personal friend, the even more infamous G.G. Allin, done up & died. Yeah, it bummed it him out alright, that's to be expected - and if you know to expect more, you'd expect The Sheik to be ABSOLUTELY WILD about it. And so he was - filled with pils & licker, waxing something way way more than simply waxing locquatious. So, expetactions + expectations = don't expect much of what he had to say to actually be ALLOWED to leave the station studio.

PROBLEM was, Pastor Craig couldn't turn off his mike!. Those who know don't say, so I won't, but mahn, what followed was a half hour of some of the most amazing material ever to be broadcast. 'nuff said?!?!? Gut. PRAISE DR. LEGUME for a makin' me copy of this mojo!!!

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