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The Supermarionation Theme Song Page

The Supercar Theme

The Fireball XL5 Opening Theme

The Fireball XL5 Closing Theme

The Stingray Opening Theme

The Stingray Closing Theme

The Thunderbirds Are Go! Opening Theme

The Thunderbirds Are Go! Complete Opening Theme

The Thunderbirds Closing Theme

The Captain Scarlet Theme

The Captain Scarlet Theme (performed by Spectrum)

The Joe 90 Theme

The Space 1999 Theme

The 1st Season's "Space 1999" Theme

The U.F.O. Theme

The Secret Service Theme

The Opening Theme to "Thunderbirds 2086"

The Closing Theme to "Thunderbirds 2086"

The Space Precinct Theme

All Themes digitized 1996 by J. C. Kaelin, except where otherwise noted.

My special thanks to Kevin Munoz of the (now defunct) TV/Movie Sound Room for having provided the theme files for Joe 90, Space 1999, U.F.O., Secret Service & Space Precinct, and to Veronica Ho's Thunderbirds 2086 Page for the Thunderbirds 2086 Themes.

© 1996-2014, J. C. Kaelin, Jr.. All Rights Reserved.

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