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Fireball XL-5 Wavs

General Zero orders Lt. Ninety to send a General Alert.

General Zero orders Lt. Ninety to send Fireball XL-5 to intercept Planatomic Missile.

First series appearance of Fireball, Steve Zodiac, Dr. Venus & Robert the Robot.

(Excerpt from above): Robert: "On our way home! On our way home! On our way home!"

Lt. Ninety orders Fireball XL-5 to intercept Planatomic Missile & Steve Zodiac replies "Go XL-5!".

Steve Zodiac: "Go XL-5!".

Steve Zodiac sounds Alert as he prepares to intercept Planatomic Missile.

Fireball XL-5's Alert Siren.

Dr. Venus does the countdown for Interceptor launch.

Dr. Venus: "Oh, gee, I'm sorry.....I'm a tootie!"

Steve Zodiac: "I'm a tootie - why didn't I think of that before?".

Sylvia Anderson as Dr. Venus shows 'em *all* how to scream!

The Chief of the Subterreans holds Steve Zodiac hostage as he prepares to launch Venus in the next Planatomic Missile sent towards Earth.

Prof. Matic gives Robert Landing Procedure coordinates.

Robert: "Landing Procedure underway.".

Prof. Matic changes Landing Procedure coordinates on Robert.

Robert: "Changing Landing Position to Code 22-0-Green.".

Robert gets "Steamed-Up" on Proffessor Matic.

Prof. Matic orders Subterraen Leader to release Dr. Venus from the Planatomic Missile.

Subterraenian Chief gives order to Suicide Pilot to abandon Planatomic Missile with Dr. Venus.

Dr. Venus gives Suicide Pilot an Oxygen Pill that they may live in Space.

Robert: "Message Understood.".

Barry Gray's series "Incident" leitmotif music.

Fireball XL-5 heads for Space City at the conclusion of Episode One.

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