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The Church of The SubGenius
Art ©1996 Rev. Ivan Stang & The Subgenius Foundation

The chain that binds...

HyperMegathisisisisisntgoing!.jpg by Rev. Wandarer HyperMegathisisisis Temple

"Fightin' Fifth"
Column of Slack

Audio AdMinistry

*Basement* of the
Empire State Building

The chain that binds...

"...Yesss, Eye Yam a FucKing Wavery Web God -- 4Buy za Power auf Mein Digitationz, Eye half Digitized MeinSelf in2 Being, & half Digitized Mein Childrenz ass E-mortals buy za Power auf Mein Kraft! Eye half Digitized za Univerze auf EarthStation1.com im ADPCM format & Hhhheard zat It vas GUT! BeHear! Eye Digitize za Past Write Hear'in' za Present & Eye 4ward 4th Mein Vavs in2 za EarthStation1.com's auf duh FewChore! Hear Me! HEAR ME! HEAR ME!!! OOOH, YESSS!!! NOOO!!! IT IST ZOOO!!! EEEE-IIII-EEEE-IIII-OOOO!!!!"

-- Rev. Eyre Rend / (Rev. J. C. Kaelin) / Wandarer / Captain Scarlet / Audio AdMinistry / Church of the SubGenius / "Fightin' Fifth" Column of Slack / HyperMegathisisisis Temple, Inner Chamber / Basement of the Empire State Building

Here Endeth the Rant.

The chain that binds...

strnohd1.jpg by Pope Sternodox The signal you're receiving carries far & wide X the Known & Unknown Universe. But nowhere does it travel any farther or wider than it does at the Church of the SubGenius. For here, amidst a world - nay, a Universe - gone mad with Alien Government, the Circle of Jerkas, the Council for Trilateral Foreign Warren Commission Relations, the "Innishy Eight", the HarmMedics, the IllumiNazis & the MediaCretins, there exists in the wonderment of its psychomesmerefulgence the ONLY LIVIN', BREATHIN', KICKIN' & SCREAMIN' HOPE of FIGHTIN' & DEFEETIN' this CONSPIRACY once and for all - and that is - THE WHOLLY & ETURNAL SACRELIGIMENT OF SLACK - & Brothers & Sisters, there is only ONE WAY of gettin' that SLACK - by GETTIN' RIGHT WITH J. R. "BOB" DOBBS!!!

It is the SakeRed Mission of the Audio AdMinistry of HyperMegathisisisis Temple to bring the Word of Dobbs to the Masses & masses of the Known & Unknown Universe - 4 buy this signal, you will not only tap into directly this Wavery World O' Slack - you will be tapping into sounds HyperMegathisisisis Temple's Audio AdMinistry TranSubStangTiaTed into Wavs.

DEBILBOB.jpg by Saint Palmer Vreedeez

* A Word of Warning: Every contradictary word of the Church of the SubGenius is the Absolute Fucking Truth. If you cannot bear this in mind (or at all), then Seeker, advance no further!


DEBILBOB by Saint Palmer Vreedeez

The chain that binds...

WandarerBOB.JPG by gurgle WandarerBOB.JPG by gurgle HyperMegathisisisis Temple
Audio AdMinistry

'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer The Hour of Slack Weekly Radio Show in RealAudio! 'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer

'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer The EARS of DOBBS Sound Archivez! 'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer

'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer The Latest EARS of DOBBS Sound Downloadables! 'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer

'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer The Yetinsyn Auditorium Gallery of SubGenii PsychoSound Spew! 'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer

'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer Classic Wavs from the Infamous SubGenius Media Barrage #10 Cassette! 'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer

'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer "The Janor Device" Metaphysical Psychospoutin' Rants! 'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer

'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer SubGenius Audio WebSites of the Gods! 'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer

'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer SubGenius Sounds Links! 'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer

'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer SubGenius Portraits Gallery (DARE YOU WONDER???)! 'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer

'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer The Stark Fist of Retrieval Master Index for SubSITE! 'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer

'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer SubSITE - The REAL SubGenius Homepage! 'ear_mananitrans.gif' by Rev. Wandarer

WandarerBOB.jpg by gurgle.
ear_mananitrans.gif by Wandarer.

The chain that binds...

Thank you for listening, and.....


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