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Thunderbirds Are Go! Wavs

The Sound of an Automatic Rocket Launching Computer.

Same as above, only shorter (to use as a "default beep").

Jeff Tracy on Automated Rocket Launchings & Acid Rock.

(Excerpt from above) - Jeff Tracy on Automated Rocket Launchings.

(Excerpt from same as above) - Brains: "That's progress, Mr. Tracy!".

(Excerpt from same as above) - Jeff Tracy: "I know, Brains!".

(Excerpt from same as above) - Jeff Tracy & Tin Tin "discuss" Acid Rock Music.

Video Disc Jocky Rick O'Shea closes his Pirate Satellite broadcast from Earth orbit.

Brains on "Modern Music".

(Excerpt from above) - Brains: "I'm afraid Music in the modern idiom is too repetitive for my taste.".

Jeff Tracy on Pirate Satellite "TV-casts".

(Excerpt from above) - "Now, wait a minute!".

(Excerpt from same as above) - Jeff Tracy: "I think you're all overlooking one important point.".

(Excerpt from same as above) - Tin Tin: "Oh, what harm does it do, Mr. Tracy?".

Space sound effect (!) for Pirate Satellite in orbit.

The siren sound effect used throughout the series (as well as others).

The Blastoff of the Automatically Launched Rocket that will malfunction & be exploded adjacent to Rick O'Shea's uncharted Pirate Satellite.

The malfunction sound effect of the computer controlling the Automatically Launched Rocket's flight.

Thunderbird Three disengaging from rendezvous with Thunderbird Five in Earth orbit.

Jeff Tracy attempts to contact a Thunderbird Five blacked out from radio communicatins.

(Excerpt from above) - Jeff Tracy: "Base to Thunderbird Five!".

(Excerpt from same as above) - Jeff Tracy: "Come in, Thunderbird Five!".

Jeff Tracy successfully hails Thunderbird Three.

(Excerpt from above) - Jeff Tracy: "Base to Thunderbird Three!".

(Excerpt from same as above) - Virgil Tracy: "Thunderbird Three - loud and clear!".

Jeff Tracy: "What's the situation, Virgil?"

Brains reports on the change of components keeping Thunderbird Five incommunicado.

Jeff Tracy: "Alright, Virgil!".

The sound of Thunderbird Three landing.

Brains discovers Tin Tin's TV is working properly when she believes the cut in Rick O'Shea's transmission is due to her set malfunctioning.

Brains: "I'm sorry, Tin Tin!".

Rick O'Shea makes a distress call when his comrade gets stuck in an airlock & their satellite careens out of orbit after the a Rocket is exploded beside it.

Barry Gray's Thunderbird Five Theme.

John Tracy on the non-operational status of International Rescue while his Thunderbird Five's communications are out.

Rick O'Shea makes a second distress call.

Rick O'Shea makes a third distress call which Tin Tin hears.

(Excerpt from above) - Rick O'Shea makes a third distress call.

(Excerpt from same as above) - After hearing O'Shea's distress call, Tin Tin calls out to Alan Tracy that she has an assignment for International Rescue.

Jeff Tracy: "Thank you, Brains!".

Jeff Tracy tries to calm Rick O'Shea down.

(Excerpt from above) - Jeff Tracy: "Take it easy, take it easy!".

(Excerpt from same as above) - Jeff Tracy: "Now tell me clearly & slowly what happened!".

Jeff Tracy instructs Rick O'Shea to stay tuned to *their* frequency.

Jeff orders Virgil & Brains to take Thunderbird Two.

(Excerpt from above) - Jeff Tracy: "Virgil - launch Thunderbird Two!".

Brains: "Yes, Mr. Tracy!".

Jeff Tracy: "Alan and Scott, take Thunderbird Three!".

Thunderbird Three emerges from it' hangar beneath Tracy Mansion & taxis onto its runway.

Thunderbird Three launches.

Thunderbird Two taxis to its launch platfom.

Thunderbird Two launches.

Thunderbird Three in flight.

Scott Tracy copiloting Thunderbird Three informs O'Shea of their arrival & instructs him to open the airlock door when they're in position.

International Space Control calls for International Rescue & Virgil in Thunderbird Three answers.

(Excerpt from above) - I.S.C. calls for I.R.

(Excerpt from same as above) - Virgil: "International Rescue - receiving you five-by-five!".

Virgil: "How do we tackle this one, Brains?".

Brains: "F.A.B., Virgil!".

Virgil in Thunderbird Three attemps unsuccesfully to contact Internation Rescue Base.

Brains to Virgil: "We must try to think what Mr. Tracy would do.".

Virgil to Brains: "O.K. Brains - let's go!".

Brains: "You've done it, Virgil!".

Virgil to Brains: "Whew..........that was close!".

Virgil consoles Brains & heads back to Base.

(Excerpt from above) - Virgil: "Don't think about it, Brains!".

Thunderbird Three lands & taxis back to its hangar.

Brains: "Virgil is right, Mr. Tracy!".

(From the Opening Theme) - "Thunderbirds Are Go!".

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