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Second World War America Audio & Video

Christmas Broadcasts North Africa Aircraft Orphan Ann ("Tokyo Rose")
Gen. "Hap" Arnold Asia & The Pacific Atomic Bombings Gen. Omar Bradley
Propaganda Broadcasts Casablanca War Cartoons The Fall of Corregidor
D-Day Martin Dies General Dwight D. Eisenhower Europe's Liberation
Admiral James Forrestal Admiral 'Bull' Halsey Homefront Iwo Jima
Japanese Internment Henry Kaiser Admiral Earnest King Charles Lindbergh
Gen. Douglas MacArthur Gen. George C. Marshall Battle of Midway Edward R. Murrow
Admiral Chester Nimitz The O.S.S. Gen. George S. Patton Pearl Harbor Attack
Propaganda Posters Remagen Bridge Franklin D. Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt
Sound Effects Harry S. Truman Gen. Jonathan Wainwright Wake Island
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